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The Angry White Liberal…He’s back

The Weekly Standard,  August 31, 2009

LOG.Continetti.AngryLiberalWe’ve spent the month of August talking about alleged right-wing rage, but it’s really time we started discussing the Angry White Liberal. When things aren’t going his way, the Angry White Liberal wails and gnashes his teeth, rends his garments, and hurls invective at the opposition. His rhetoric and prose is so heated, it’s gotten to the point where you need to put on oven mitts before opening the paper. …more

Out of Alaska

The Weekly Standard, August 20, 2009

logoIn early July, while most Americans were preparing for a long weekend of celebratory parades, charred meats, and noisy fireworks, Sarah Palin made some plans of her own. The Alaska governor had been the object of endless media attention and assorted calumnies since she became John McCain’s vice presidential nominee last August. …more

The Age of Irresponsibility

The Weekly Standard, March 2, 2009


Decades from now, historians are going to fill e-tome after e-tome debating when the crisis in American authority began. A good place to start would be the Clinton era. The president of the United States had a tawdry affair, lied about it, and refused to accept any responsibility for his actions. The Republicans correctly pointed out that the president had acted …more

The Right Stimulus

The Weekly Standard, February 9, 2009

The economy is in recession. There’s no end in sight. The number of unemployed continues to rise. Equities markets are in the dumps. The real estate sector hasn’t hit bottom. The banks are drowning in a sludge of toxic assets. Excuse us while we break out the Prozac. Washington’s response? Pathetic. House Speaker …more

Biden: the Book

A glimpse into the future.

The Weekly Standard, November 24, 2008


The election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States of America makes all things possible. Really, it does. Not only have the seas stopped rising, but the laws of the space-time continuum have been indefinitely suspended. And so, through the miracle of time travel, THE WEEKLY STANDARD recently obtained Vice President-elect Joseph Biden’s future memoirs, entitled simply Biden: The Book. Herewith, some excerpts. …more

Invasion of the Wallet Snatchers
Confirming your suspicions about Obamanomics.

The Weekly Standard, October 20, 2008


Hello and welcome to Advanced Obamanomics at WEEKLY STANDARD U. If you are in this class, you have passed Remedial Rubinomics, Identity and Globalization in the Works of Barack Obama, and Introduction to Contemporary Religion with Professor Jeremiah Wright. Also, your check has cleared. Congratulations. …more

Liberal Hawks, an Endangered Species
What Iraq has done to the interventionists of the Democratic party.

The Weekly Standard, May 28, 2007


There once was a political subspecies known as the liberal Iraq hawk. These were liberals who saw American interests and ideals at stake in the future of Iraq, and who believed in presidential leadership in waging war. Relatively few in number, the liberal Iraq hawks nonetheless tended to be opinion leaders. Some worked in think tanks or at policy …more

The Peace Party vs. the Power Party
The real divide in American politics.

The Weekly Standard, January 1, 2007


The polarization that has characterized American politics since the presidency of Ronald Reagan has extended its reach to foreign affairs. Never have the differences between the two parties on issues of war and peace been so distinct. At no time since World War II has the divergence of partisan support for an ongoing war been as great. Nor have attitudes …more